Consumer Trends That Shaped 2020 And What’s Ahead

The term ‘new normal’ can refer to so many aspects of our current life, from our social experiences to the way we work and how we teach our kids.

The pandemic changed everything.

The number of new habits and routines that we’ve created as consumers is immeasurable. Yesterday, I came across a fascinating report titled ‘Consumer Trends 2021,’ that catalogs the major shifts that are happening in consumer behavior.

First brought to my attention by Fred Wilson’s blog, this report sheds light on a number of interesting concepts. It was compiled by the journalist Dan Frommer and the team at Coefficient Capital. It drives the point home that our shopping behaviors, consumption preferences, fitness habits, and generational living preferences are all undergoing major changes.

While the 102-page deck looks at what’s emerged over the last year, it also projects on what behaviors we should expect to see remain persistent through 2021. It felt reminiscent of the level of depth we would see from Mary Meeker’s ‘Internet Trends’ report, which I’ve mentioned a few times in prior posts.

I would highly recommend checking out this ‘Consumer Trends 2021’ report, which can be found here:

Here are some interesting slides that stood out to me:

(I probably included too many slides below but that’s because the report is so rich with interesting points)

After you dig into the report, drop me a line and let me know what stood out for you. I would love to hear what you agreed vs disagreed with.

Maybe if there is enough of a response from a few interested folks, we can create a small jam session to discuss what other byproducts may result from these trends.