How Past Tech Trends Have Become Today’s Hottest And Biggest Investment Categories

These Are The Tech Categories Investors Are Spending A Lot Of Time On

[Earlier this week I published a new article in Forbes. I’m sharing a preview here in case the topic is of interest to you]

Mark Twain famously said, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”

We see this to be true across fashion, social issues, and even in politics. What may be surprising is the extent to which we see it in the technology industry. 

Patterns and themes that were once in vogue in tech go from being front and center to fading in relevance, only to return as the next cool trend.

High-growth companies and startups in the cleantech, climate tech, social media, and fintech categories have transitioned from being considered unpopular and radioactive to becoming some of the most sought-after areas of technology investments.

What’s changed? Let’s start with clean energy and climate technology… 

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