Looking For Your Help: Subscriber Interviews

Experimenting With A Five-Part Audio Interview Series

A large portion of the content that I regularly consume, whether via articles, videos, or podcasts, is done with an interview-style format. I really enjoy this approach because it provides a great way to learn more about someone in a more intimate or personal manner. 

Recently, I was challenged by a very good friend of mine to go beyond writing as a means to create content (for multiple reasons). While I’m not entirely sure that audio/video content is a good fit for me, I’ve always been of the mindset that exploring and experimenting is oftentimes a good idea. 

To that end, in an effort to create more content and better connect with amazing people like you, I’m considering doing a short, five-part, interview-style series. It would be audio-based and I would transcribe and link to the audio via this newsletter.

And no, I have zero intention on becoming another podcast that you won’t listen to - I just want to get more comfortable in verbal mediums.

Another big reason why I want to do this is that it allows daily readers to learn more about other interesting folks in the ecosystem. If you are on the fence on whether or not you would be a good fit, let me help you out.

Reasons Why You May Be Interested In This:

  • It’s a great way to build exposure around your personal brand or company’s brand

  • It’s a good way for you to build a relationship with me and/or a larger audience

  • It’s an easy way to ask for help from a wider audience of like-minded people (if there are any business/professional goals you want help with)

  • Because you like helping me out

How would we do it? I think the easiest way to do this is a really brief, five-question interview conversation. 

Interview Questions:

  • Brief intro about yourself.

  • How did you discover this newsletter and when did you subscribe?

  • What are some business or professional goals that you are currently pursuing? [and what help, if any, are you looking for]

  • How did you get into your current industry/job and what makes you uniquely good at it?

  • What are some interesting facts or important ideas related to your job, profession, or industry that the audience should know about?

  • (Freebie) How can people find you and connect with you online: Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram?

If you are interested in being 1 of the 5 interviewees, just respond directly to this email and we can find time for a brief 10-minute call to record the interview. I’m hoping you consider it!

[Disclaimer: If inbound interest on this doesn’t end up being material, I’ll likely end up scrapping this. No harm, no foul.]