New Report Finds These Five Things To Be Among The Biggest Economic Concerns Right Now For Working Americans

Five Facts That Show What Americans Are Worried About

Each new week in 2020 appears to bring with it a new set of challenges, concerns, and surprising data. The last few weeks affirm some real difficulties in people’s confidence in their financial wellness.

SimplyWise, a personal finance and data company based in New York, recently released a report that outlines current consumer opinions around savings, retirement, and the broader recession that all point to negative sentiments.

The company performed a random sample survey in early July of more than 1,100 Americans above the age of 18. 

This comes as working Americans continue to receive mixed messages from local, state, and federal officials about whether businesses will remain open amid rising cases in some parts of the country.

Among the numerous key findings in the report, five stood out as a metaphorical thermometer for the temperature of financial confidence for many Americans.

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