Sharing More Ideas, More Often

Why I’ll Be Blogging Daily (Or Close To It)

I’m going to start writing and publishing here more often. It will be on the same topics I’ve historically talked about (business, technology, venture capital, startups, etc) but with more opinions, ideas, and perspectives. Why?

I think about some of the thought leaders that I admire and there is a common thread: they are consistent, unapologetic, and proactive in their actions.

By writing more often, I aim to improve the way I articulate ideas, while hopefully giving you new information and ideas to think about. These posts will be short (mostly) and easy to consume - making it easier for me to write more consistently.

If it becomes too much for you, I understand if you no longer want to follow along. However, if you are willing to give me some latitude for a few posts, I think you can gain something from it. I truly appreciate your attention and I don’t take it for granted. Furthermore, I would love your feedback on what topics would be interesting to you that would encourage you to remain on board with my journey.

Here are some topics you can look forward to:

  • Why Venture Capital & Startups Have Always Been On My Radar

  • What My Day Job Actually Is

  • What Companies Are Worth Keeping An Eye On

  • Why Thought Leadership Is No Longer Optional For Professional Growth

  • …. And so much more…. 

FWIW, here is some interesting data that helped push me over the edge on this.

Stay tuned & thank you!