Talking Business Trends, Startups & Innovation On The ‘Marketing Leaders Podcast’

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to be a guest on the Marketing Leaders Podcast, a series that is dedicated to ideas and concepts that marketers care about.

If you have an opportunity, take a listen to the episode

The show is hosted by my good friend and expert marketing consultant Tim Parkin. He was featured in a past newsletter article that was well received.

I really enjoyed this discussion because we cover some current events, we talk about how to leverage technology to make work more effectively, and we discuss why being customer-centric is always important. We also hit on a number of other interesting topics that I think warrant a listen.

Even though I don’t have the traditional knowledge and expertise of a marketer, I’m hopeful that our discussion is able to bring value to marketers in today’s tumultuous environment.

I would love to hear what you think of the episode. Comment on what your favorite parts were or if you think we missed any major topics.