Taking A Brief Moment To Celebrate The Small Wins

One Month Of Consistent Writing

While I would love to make every newsletter post super insightful and interesting, I recognize that each piece of content can’t be everything to everyone. Today’s post serves as a brief aside to the daily topics of tech, business, and innovation and instead is a little more reflective.

I would like to take a moment to celebrate that I’ve now been writing consistently here every weekday for over a month. If you recall, I first announced in late June that I had a desire to write more often to help feed my creativity, writing skills, and general education across a broad range of topics.

To be clear, writing for one month isn’t a big deal - but it does represent a small victory along the journey of a long-term goal.

I’ve gained some subscribers over the last month and I’ve lost a few, but more importantly, I’ve stuck with it despite struggling most days with putting pen to paper.

One of the biggest influencers in my industry is Fred Wilson, a venture capital investor at the firm Union Square Ventures. Above all, what I admire most about Fred is his longstanding commitment to writing every weekday. He’s been doing this for nearly 17 years (yes, you read that right)

When you write consistently for nearly two decades, Monday through Friday, it eventually drives value for your personal brand and business networks. This has enabled him to become a well-respected thought leader in the industry. 

His blog alone has 20,000 followers on Twitter, while Fred himself has over 667,000 followers. I think this example, like others, serves as a great reminder for what consistency can result in.

I have no intention or ambition to accomplish anything like this, but I do firmly believe that writing consistently at this scale could result in great value.

What recent habits have you committed to? What was your motivating reasons for doing it?